“We have been clients of Martin Edwards for 17 years and have always received a high standard of service and excellent advice. The administration of our investments is always efficient and accurate.”

Mr and Mrs Crook

“Our previous experience of IFAs consisted of lots of promises and little by way of actual delivery. With you the opposite is true. You have explained all the options available to us, even those from which you stand to make no profit”.

Avon Electrical Ltd

“I feel confident that we can rely on your advice going forward to help smooth my path to retirement”

S Newton

“It has been a challenging journey to get to this point, but made significantly easier by knowing we could trust your advice to be sound and well-informed. Your sensitivity and kindness has been much appreciated, thank you again”.

– B Leyland as Lasting Power of Attorney

“Thank you for the considerate and thoughtful approach to my father’s situation and your thorough and detailed response. It has shed a reassuring light on our way forward”.

C Burnham as Lasting Power of Attorney

“It is a great relief to have taken these steps”

A Mattur

“Thank you again for this, you have shown me that there are some good people in financial services”

D Haley